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Project Marketing Process

Site Analysis

To make the best use of the land with its full potential for development/redevelopment.

Analysis of comparable products and projects.

Marketing and Sales

We provide a full-service sales and marketing approach to residential developments from start to finish, all under one roof:

  • Sales suite development

  • Specialised sales expertise

  • Project brand development and positioning

  • Marketing strategy, implementation and optimisation

  • Qualified lead generation and management

  • Multilingual social media and online advertising

Project Study

Market Analysis and consultation with architect. Identify purchasing power.

  • Highest and best use studies

  • Feasibility analysis


Helping design and deliver presentation centre. Launch Presales and realtor events locally and across Canada.

International Tradeshows.

Project related bus/flight/boat tours.

Digital sales platform set up and management for easy future client care and project management.


We provide advice on the project’s design and layout to ensure all opportunities to maximise sale price through design have been identified:

  • Unit sizes and layouts

  • Design of features including outdoor living spaces, parking needs and building technology

  • Choice of fittings, materials and colour schemes 

  • Sustainability initiatives

  • Design and function of communal facilities

Project Closing

Partner with local teams to make the closing process easy.

Home orientation, move-in gift ,key release, deficiency care, etc

Great campaigns are created in the same way as a bespoke garment - we take the time to develop an understanding of our clients’ needs and desires before crafting something which fits their development like a glove.

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