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Project Marketing Process

Site Analysis

To make the best use of the land with its full potential for development/redevelopment.

Analysis of comparable products and projects.

Marketing and Sales

Branding strategy with the effective local and international media and marketing outlets. Supply and connect with in-house sales personals. Web development, brochure design, multilingual ads creation, social media marketing and management, geo-marketing, mass email marketing, direct mail, etc.

Project Study

Market Analysis and consultation with architect. Identify purchasing power.


Helping design and deliver presentation centre. Launch Presales and realtor events locally and across Canada.

International Tradeshows.

Project related bus/flight/boat tours.

Digital sales platform set up and management for easy future client care and project management.


In-house design and partner with the right architectural design and building related personals. Assist developer with the process of development application.

 Pricing analysis.

Project Closing

Partner with local teams to make the closing process easy.

Home orientation, move-in gift ,key release, deficiency care, etc

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